Friday, March 11, 2011

Hari Kebaya

from left: Cik Sha Mas Diryono, Amoi Pratiwi Melati, Tia Dian Kesumajoyo and me. what a nice name kan diorang?

wore a kebaya, walked around at our campus made me felt..... arghhh..malu giler la giler. okey, should i blame Amoi Thumb-Pain a.k.a Payin cause she was the one that forced me wearing that kebaya. anyway, in dressing, I really think "endurance" and "perseverance" are two qualities that we must own in order to be great. to make a pair of kebaya suit is not an easy task i think.  I wanna wear great entrepreneur everyday (if i could) with an adorable embroidery. this is the another way to appreciate our traditional dresses right , therefore must endure and persevere all this challenge. sigh.  

with our lecturer, Miss Citra ( another Javanese name ;P )

The Old Black and The Go Green