Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It has been a while since I last wrote a proper (with correct grammar and better vocabs than this one) post here. I shall start doing so soon. hoccay then, I managed to follow a contest 'Your Fashion Fabulous' held by Korean Crown Collection. I don't exactly have anything that I'm proud enough to show but I don't have anything better to do over break. so I figured it's might be fun if I join this contest. this was my first time I'd join a contest via facebook. the whole of voting time make me realize a few things. it's very different, 180 degrees reflection compare to other campaigns. the talents need to promote himself/herself, or it is better to outright stated that, those talents need to beg others to like their picture. frankly speaking, I don't have enough talent how to persuade others or 'bagi rasuah' to get their vote. so I'm not give a hard effort on it. It's better for me not winning the contest rather than ask others ''hey there, can you please vote for me. First step, click this, then click this...'' . I experience that and I was very uncomfortable with that method. 

the outfits shown are from everyday life in Korea. nothing fancy and no trying to be sexy. I just fit it with a dress and a jacket. the boots that I bought at Alamanda were hell to wear but looked flashy and rad at fashion school. that's enough for the contest I think.

''Apa yang berlaku ialah POLITIK BELUKAR RAYA kerana enau melepaskan pucuk masing-masing sehingga mengabaikan senduduk dan lalang yang tumbuh di bawah''