Saturday, October 1, 2011

Imma birthday girl

and another cake

frankly speaking, I don't have any clue what to do on this 1 Oct. consider about the final examination and without parental celebration, I don't think that I need to do much effort for my 19th birthday. thinking of fun birthday ideas for a special me who is no longer a child but not yet an adult may seem daunting. it is just enough for me to receive a thread of SMSes from the beloved persons wishing me all the best in my 19 life. this year, i didn't receive any prank, totally opposite from last year that the prank was played by my roommates on me. they were all DBSes and ought to be happy now cause their days accompanied with families. oh my, I'm homesick! basically, it looks matured after all. re-think about it makes me delighted and showered with praises, how older I am now. in the other side, I keep hoping Kim Heechul wish happy birthday on mine :D 

I woke up at 0630 and received some smses (pertama kali sms inbox saya dipaparkan buat khalayak. readers, you should be lucky!):

Ayahanda Kesuma Diranto Putera a.k.a Roslan Mansor- salam, selamat hari jadi. Moga pnjng umo murah rzki dn ceria selalu..sok abah dtg

Ibunda Norlela Sekak-           Detik 12 malami ...maka lahirlah anak kusayang....
dia x nak lahir kat Bentong...
dia nak lahir kat KL...memilih....Selamat Hari Jadi Aina... 
jaga kesihatan, berusaha dan berdoa semoga Allah menganugerahi kejayaan....
Umi doakan semoga cemerlang di dunia dan akhirat....
Ummmi saaayanggg Aina....jadilah anak yang soleheh.

Athirah Yusof -                      Happy birthday sayang saya!

Amirah Zazali -                    Ari yang indah.. kegembiraan.. kesenangan.. Adalah wat kmu.. 
Duhai shabat d atas ari kelahiran kmu.. 
Pejamkan mata.. 
niat d dlm ati ape yg kmu inginkn 
dlm ati n mohon pd Allah.. 
sy slalu mndoakan yg t'baik wat kmu.. 
slamat ari lahir syg..ainatul mardhiah bt roslan 
dr mira n raja serta keluarga..

Raja NurFaiz -                     slamat ari jd ainatul mardhiah.. 
xmo2 sdeh2.. appy taw.. 
kn bufday aina.. lupakan kisah lalu.. 
aina lyak dpt lg better.. 
semoga impian aina t'capai

Maria -                               Happy Birthday sayang. ILYSM !

Jane -                                 Dh tido ke? sorry tahun ni xdpt teman u. HB! jgn nakal2.

Dari wakil-wakil MCKK:

Mohd Nur - Happy birthday. belanja aku doe. kau kan kaya.

Syed Haiqal - selamat hari lahir. may Allah bless u always. semoga dapat jodoh yg baik macam awk. :)

Azim Suhaili - Happy Birthday :)

Nizal Mohammad -          Selamat menyambut hari ulang tahun kelahiran esok!!!
 Inilah ungkapan yang setahun sekali kan dilayangkan. 
Biarpun nyata ungkapan itu lumrah dan "cliche" lagaknya, 
namun sejujurnya ia punyai erti yang begitu luhur disampaikan kepada 
teman yang amat dihargai. 
Didoakan agar senantiasa berteduh di bawah lembayung rahmat Ilahi. 
Happy Birthday (a day in advance) my dearest friend! 
My sincere wish : May you be showered with good tidings 
and may whatever good things you wish for will soon come true.

Saiful -                                 ko pernah kte yg ak antara org2 pnting dlm idup ko. 
automatically ko org2 pnting ak.
 so, ak nk wish Selamat Hari Tua. kui2.

The rest were all in facebook. Time will tell what I have become after all the explorations that I have made in the world full of unknowns. Time will tell what I have become after all the mistakes that I have made in exchange of a truly great adventure. Therefore, we all shall wait.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Perks Of Being A Sister

Being an older sister, is like being a mother almost. Ummi went to a 3-days sleep away camp, so that was my responsibility to take care of my sister. My sister was an angel, both in looks and behavior, as a child. She made it so easy to love her and I loved he dearly. She's my Iffatul Madihah. So, I don't mind much to look after her.

Mission. I ought to make her sure that she'll get enough calcium. So, i let that calcium to protect her inside, while I protect her outside. For these three days, Madihah will sleep at my room. Urmmm...actually I would prefer her to sleep at her own bed but Ummi thought that her emotion will be more comfortable if she with me. If not, it is sure that she'll go to my bed or my father's in the middle of the night. I don't know this is good or bad for me.. Frankly, it is not a matter for me if she wakes me up at the night to go to the bathroom; since I have one at my room. What makes me worry most is, she couldn't wake up to go to the bathroom, so she wet the bed; but Ummi said that she never had any trouble waking to use the bathroom, even through potty training she would wake her up to go to use the bathroom.

I'm her legal guardian now. Ha ha. Well my father is, but he busy works nights at his study room. So, I was the one who look after Madihah most. Ummi reminded me that Madihah ought to get enough sleep. Her regular bedtime routine is 9 p.m., and that's mean I need on my bed that early! Huhh. Hmmm, let's recheck the routine. I offered her a warm drink and cuddle time with me, got her to brush teeth and visited toilet, snuggled her up in bed with a favourite soft toy and read her one or two short stories; but what I got? She told me that I was overacting. Ha ha, cause even Ummi doesn't have enough time to lullaby her every single nights. She promised me that she'll sleep after watched Upin&Ipin. Urrgghhh.... Booorriiing.......

waiting her watch Upin Ipin. Haiiihhh....boring ==''

Throughout all of this, I had always imagined, perhaps expected, that one day when she was older, she'll read this post and give a fully gratitude on me. Ha ha. In the future, we would have an amazing and awesome bond. She would love me and value me and appreciate me. I was horrified to slowly discover that this was not the case at all.

To Madihah (maybe you're 12 and above now and be my follower), do take care of me when I'm older enough to be a nenek. =P


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

GOT A FLU (lebih baik batuk dari selsema!)

man, I’m seriously sick! this is rare, but when I get sick I am out of it. what do you guys do when you're sick? I'm not sure what I should eat, how much I should eat, and if I should follow the same ratios I do normally. also, when do you guys start exercising again, or do you keep exercising, hoping it'll make you feel better? I woke up the other day with my entire body aching and my head feeling like I was in tackling practice with no equipment on. I haven’t felt the same since. I haven’t had the energy to exercise at all.
I eat the same things I always eat when I'm sick, but this time Teeya served me with a very nutritious food. something that are easy on my stomach. tadadam..! a seafood porridge.   

a candid photo by Mira
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            LOTS of water. I try to keep up with my vitamins. I add a supplement called "Sup Bunjut Mira". ha ha should I call it as a good supplement?

sup bunjut adabi by Mira
Mira was the one who always tell me "kesian...kesian..'' between trying to eat, I sleep my butt off. ;) and now the sickness was transfer to my roommate. pity to Mira that she ought to survive with the flu.

p/s: thanks Athirah and Mira sayang for treated me well. ^^ to Mira, I take my revenge. "kesian kamu...kesian kamu...'' 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It has been a while since I last wrote a proper (with correct grammar and better vocabs than this one) post here. I shall start doing so soon. hoccay then, I managed to follow a contest 'Your Fashion Fabulous' held by Korean Crown Collection. I don't exactly have anything that I'm proud enough to show but I don't have anything better to do over break. so I figured it's might be fun if I join this contest. this was my first time I'd join a contest via facebook. the whole of voting time make me realize a few things. it's very different, 180 degrees reflection compare to other campaigns. the talents need to promote himself/herself, or it is better to outright stated that, those talents need to beg others to like their picture. frankly speaking, I don't have enough talent how to persuade others or 'bagi rasuah' to get their vote. so I'm not give a hard effort on it. It's better for me not winning the contest rather than ask others ''hey there, can you please vote for me. First step, click this, then click this...'' . I experience that and I was very uncomfortable with that method. 

the outfits shown are from everyday life in Korea. nothing fancy and no trying to be sexy. I just fit it with a dress and a jacket. the boots that I bought at Alamanda were hell to wear but looked flashy and rad at fashion school. that's enough for the contest I think.

''Apa yang berlaku ialah POLITIK BELUKAR RAYA kerana enau melepaskan pucuk masing-masing sehingga mengabaikan senduduk dan lalang yang tumbuh di bawah''


Friday, March 11, 2011

Hari Kebaya

from left: Cik Sha Mas Diryono, Amoi Pratiwi Melati, Tia Dian Kesumajoyo and me. what a nice name kan diorang?

wore a kebaya, walked around at our campus made me felt..... arghhh..malu giler la giler. okey, should i blame Amoi Thumb-Pain a.k.a Payin cause she was the one that forced me wearing that kebaya. anyway, in dressing, I really think "endurance" and "perseverance" are two qualities that we must own in order to be great. to make a pair of kebaya suit is not an easy task i think.  I wanna wear great entrepreneur everyday (if i could) with an adorable embroidery. this is the another way to appreciate our traditional dresses right , therefore must endure and persevere all this challenge. sigh.  

with our lecturer, Miss Citra ( another Javanese name ;P )

The Old Black and The Go Green


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Important Persons Today




Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello Guys! I'm Anti-Valentine's Day!! tq


so based on what the love is built? if you don’t have the answer, have no worry, I don’t have the answer too. one thing for sure, our parent’s love is purely unconditional. they have loved us since we were young. their feeling would not fade although we face personal hiccups in life. I think that is entirely true. that is what we call love. but that is 
completely out of topic for my latest post.

ha ha so, when some of your friends are desperately looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend, I think that is very dangerous. that emotional fulfillment might be needed due to the rush of hormones which keep increasing from time to time. or maybe they just want to look perfectly fine or normal in the eyes of society by having a so called ‘soul mate’. then, you can ask them the same question that I asked you. let’s see whether they know the answer.

frankly speaking, this is  an attempt to develop  of anti-Valentine’s Day. 14 February marks as a most celebrated day for all the loving couples across the universe. this is the moment when he or she expresses their love and compassion towards each other. despite of all the stories that surround it, the spirit of Valentine's Day keeps burning and never vanish from those people who are in love. when we talk about love, a few things like roses, chocolates or teddy bears would start to appear in mind. It is a very cliché thought but that is what millions of people on Earth feel about it. but, I guess love is very subjective and you are actually suppose to define the meaning of love. therefore, I am taking this opportunity to say that 'I love you' to some people and to a certain extent, my love to a few things:

  •  My mom
  •  My dad
  •  My biological sisters and brothers (kena stress benda nie sbb kat STA sume claim sister)
  •  0509 from STA Johore, my ex-classmates esp. 
  •  Geng al-Munawwarah
  •  My lecturers especially Miss Citra, Puan Asyikin and Miss Salina 
  •  My friend, Amoi Thumb-Pain (search kt fb nama tu)
  •  My senior coaches, in basketball, mafia Atikah Hassan Ghani and Devil Amira Farhana.
  •  All my friends from the Class of DIA A (tapi yang nie sure ada aku sayang lebih dan kurang kan?)
  •  My sport shoes (this is the solid evidence that show I stay active and healthy)

well, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!
p/s: to all the loving couples, don't do bad things on this very special day just because you want to prove your bullshit 'CINTA AGUNG'. 


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photoshoot at Malacca



Monday, January 31, 2011

The Old Friend Of Mine

the name was NOR AMIRATASYA BINTI KARIM studied at UiTM Merbok, Kedah in Law.


sorry and thanks for everything. even we're not as close as before, I still love you and appreciate our past. do study well and hopefully you'll achieve your dream. wanna continue your study at Middle East and be a good lecturer. and..and will get a 'soleh's husband as you dream at. I just want you to know that I miss our relationship and I'll never forget you. 

miss that moment


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Telent For Lensclick Icon...


schedule on 5hb:
from BP to Malacca 9am
arrive 10.30am
1st Destination- Mini Malaysia 11am-1pm
2nd Destination - A'Famosa 2.30pm-4pm
3rd Destination - Masjid Selat 5pm-6pm
4th Destination - Red House + Ocean + Jonker 6.30pm-8.30pm
Disperse 9pm



Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Fussy Girl Who Turns Fat !!

that girl with her boyfriend..
people call her **d** (sensitive)
but her real name is SITI NURUL AMIRAH ZAZALI


may Allah bless you

Saturday, January 1, 2011

a new present for the new year..

1. 1. 2011. it was 1st January, the first day of the year and a holiday for 
me. what luck! I got a new present for the new year...drum rolled please...tadaa... got a new guitar.. thanks to those related persons yeah. I'm a beginner and I'm struggling badly !


thanks for the Double Dutch !

khususan ila: Raja NurFaiz. a token of sincerely gratitude from Athirah binti Yusof. extras : kak Awe and Ayin Nazrin.