Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Perks Of Being A Sister

Being an older sister, is like being a mother almost. Ummi went to a 3-days sleep away camp, so that was my responsibility to take care of my sister. My sister was an angel, both in looks and behavior, as a child. She made it so easy to love her and I loved he dearly. She's my Iffatul Madihah. So, I don't mind much to look after her.

Mission. I ought to make her sure that she'll get enough calcium. So, i let that calcium to protect her inside, while I protect her outside. For these three days, Madihah will sleep at my room. Urmmm...actually I would prefer her to sleep at her own bed but Ummi thought that her emotion will be more comfortable if she with me. If not, it is sure that she'll go to my bed or my father's in the middle of the night. I don't know this is good or bad for me.. Frankly, it is not a matter for me if she wakes me up at the night to go to the bathroom; since I have one at my room. What makes me worry most is, she couldn't wake up to go to the bathroom, so she wet the bed; but Ummi said that she never had any trouble waking to use the bathroom, even through potty training she would wake her up to go to use the bathroom.

I'm her legal guardian now. Ha ha. Well my father is, but he busy works nights at his study room. So, I was the one who look after Madihah most. Ummi reminded me that Madihah ought to get enough sleep. Her regular bedtime routine is 9 p.m., and that's mean I need on my bed that early! Huhh. Hmmm, let's recheck the routine. I offered her a warm drink and cuddle time with me, got her to brush teeth and visited toilet, snuggled her up in bed with a favourite soft toy and read her one or two short stories; but what I got? She told me that I was overacting. Ha ha, cause even Ummi doesn't have enough time to lullaby her every single nights. She promised me that she'll sleep after watched Upin&Ipin. Urrgghhh.... Booorriiing.......

waiting her watch Upin Ipin. Haiiihhh....boring ==''

Throughout all of this, I had always imagined, perhaps expected, that one day when she was older, she'll read this post and give a fully gratitude on me. Ha ha. In the future, we would have an amazing and awesome bond. She would love me and value me and appreciate me. I was horrified to slowly discover that this was not the case at all.

To Madihah (maybe you're 12 and above now and be my follower), do take care of me when I'm older enough to be a nenek. =P


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