Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Skinny Shy Boy

Currently, addicted to hear this music, River Flows In You by Yiruma. Headphones needed for full satisfaction. Those who mute your mixer, please increase your application volume control so that you can hear such nice music. (^^)V . I only recently got to listen to Yiruma's pieces after doing Skype Video conference calls with Aimin. He played River Flows In You very well in piano version and I got it all recorded. Couple of days after that, I received an email along similar lines linked to Yiruma's, River Flows In You. I knew you're really into musical instruments since the first but Wow~, you're really being obsessed with Yiruma's, right. If that so, Kiss The Rain is my fav. ouhh!!, When The Love Falls too! Hmm.. it makes me oddly fascinated slowly. ''Thanks a lot'' lah! and now I'm addicted! ==''
River Flows In You is the best in piano version, but I'll be mastered in guitar. Heh~ Wait and see, we'll see who the best. Please don't forget that I have two months leisure time and need to be fulfilled wisely into free creative activities. So, don't you think it's the right time for me to start confident in piano? Hmm.. alright..alright.., you can play octaves on it with one finger. (the words that you gonna say. please don't laugh)

Hoccay, let's clear up some things here. Since you're always being so mean to me, plus the boredom that strikes me hard, I just create something for you. drum roll please. let's checkitdaut!

wow, its match you perfectly. yey me! :D

Name: T. Aemin (Tengku Muhaimin). Age: 20.
teeettt. couldn't be revealed more.

you won after stole all my tokens at the arcade back then.  you seems very happy right there, but not now. aha~


 I just stumbled upon this picture on your pen drive. Frankly, I never know this picture exist bro! Hee. Sorry for cropped the picture on purpose, just because I'm not confident enough to publish the 'comot-comot' side (free hair) of me at that time to the world wide. I'm only 16! (if I'm not mistaken). hey, you already know I do have stalkersSss, kan. ahaks~ I think, this is the first picca we snapped together, but I never owned it before. A picture during Fairy Tale Prom Night held by our tuition center worth a thousand words, really high in sentimental value. Then, we gotta go our own way, only contact via social networks. After been a while, then you came. Thanks for these days, even we've made a plain hangout, I get the opportunity face the joys of holidaying; window shopping, Starbucksing, lepaking, mamaking etc.. 

The music, River Flows In You, I realize that it's really your favorite. Yet, you're in a hard time right now, but I can't understand how you can smile all along. I think, this is the coolest side of you. The thing is, I'm with you. Like you, who always by my side when I'm down and make me always remember times you've smiled at my flaws and for all the times we've laughed together. Thank you so much for listening to me and for being there for me, that's why I'll never let you alone. Did you remember? Before we leave boarding school, you used to ask to watch a gig. Then I said, also on the gig front, as you get older you can gradually go a little further out by your own car or whatever to see concerts. You listened to me well. Ihii~ I liked that part of you. I usually never post about things like this but I have to say, I thought this was silly. Right now, just... I know why you hurt and I know what you're going through. (weird) . This entry exclusively for you, the one that might be happy at the outside but dying inside, the one that could always brighten up others day even he couldn't brighten his own. You are special. Hoccay then, finished. Just give me the feedback on Skype right after you do read it. Beat it to me.


Like no one can ever take their place. The memories you had with them would always be in your hearts no matter what the circumstances are. No matter how many people you’ll meet in the course of your life, you can’t just replace them and forget about them just like that. There are certain people that will always remain special to you and you’ll never forget.
-source: anonymous-



  1. 1. so, thz is the 'something' tat u point. i expect more thn thz. *kiddin ;-D
    2. of course I'm the first major scale fingering. keke~ n i'll look foward to it how ur tone of guitr organized.
    3. what hold upp! tat childish side all upon on u, HaHa. it wasn't anythg to me as long u like it. ( do I look like MJ on the 1st pic? thkz a lott! )
    4. wahh.. u really cropped tat pic TT_TT *sobs. LOL but nvr mind i know u bettr. u had fun, i can tell.
    5. thnkz fer d update, am really appreciate it. y its too hard fer u to b my gf? rolf ;-D btw, do visit my tumbler. worthless thg tat u gonna find out. HR ;-))

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