Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Already..??

oh my, 2010's done with. they go by so fast. how time flies! 31 December marks the beginning of the end of my leisure days. I haven't been blogging properly for quite some time due to my inability to have a flow in writing anything worth reading, or as I call it, I've lost my blogging mojo. I know some of you might say, "so what? just write! it's YOUR blog, your space", but no I feel guilty for those few; almost zilch number of people who accidentally clicked on my link in hope to acquire something interesting to feed their souls, instead, they had found this writing space filled with numb words and poor language where they failed to fill their desire of being entertained. pity them souls. ;(

hah! who am I kidding? I just need an attention-grabbing opening paragraph up there. alright, happy new year everyone ! 


overnight la sangat...

this is teeya

the fireworks

Teeya, kak Awe n me


be good to me please

ps: && hello to those who've been trying (& failing) to access my blog all this while.
thank you for your support

(ceh, like I'm some kind of rockstar la kan nak guna ayat macam tu, piiirahhh :P)

to-do list 2011

  • study hard
  • presentations mantopp, quizes gempak, assignments mumtaz, attendance 100%
  • master in playing guitar
  • practicing a healthy diet
  • jogging every evening
  • get a date ;D
  • improving in speaking English skill
  • pointer 3.67 and above
  • be good to everyone (^_^)


harga dobi yang akan dibuka oleh ahli bilik 1202
  • baju sehelai RM 0.20
  • selimut, tuala, dan langsir: harga mengikut saiz dan ketebalan 

harga ais krim Malaysia 

  •  RM 0.20 sebatang


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