Sunday, December 12, 2010


 I found myself clueless of what to do for these several  days, the only holiday I can entertain myself with the pleasures of being at home. I filled the day hanging out with Teeya, kekanda kesayanganku, haha! so glad I could spend some time, actually, nearly the whole evening with her since I'm too lazy to show up at BP. but, the whole point is about what I got while doing some countless laps of walk with Teeya and her father and Syafiq Dek at BP Mall. okey, drum roll please, I will announce something. a breaking news. that encounter greeted me with a great surprise. Teeya was cut her hair! I can't stop thinking how Teeya would cut her long-shiny-black hair unhesitatingly.

sorry Teeya, ambik pic ni dr ur fb.

which one is better? and which one do you prefer? I choose both. sometime when I look at her, the feature of Geum Jan Di, the most schemes student in Shinhwa High School, was appear. you're a lil bit look alike her la kanda...hahaha!  

tadaa..! sama kan?

I smile a lot when look at that picha till too blank to come up with words, so I'll just let the picture explain everything briefly. nothing much has changed, but your new hairstyle should be given a lot of recognition deservingly, and believe me, you're not getting fat, seriously dear.. =)

and our story starts... around 11 am there. we headed straight to Pacific Bowl and have some bowling matches! haha. Teeya was blowing her own trumpet all the way there, telling me that she could do this and that, and a story about her relationship with her ehemm-ehemms. I always ranked the last behind her in bowling. hish. then, we had lunch at food court. thanks uncle Yusof for the food and drink and the bowling. Nasi Ayam BBQ and orange juice. yummy!


berpeluh tuu...terror ah!

we made a move, walked around the whole mall and just examined of goods from retailers with the intent to purchase at that time cause I'm a recovering shopaholic. there were lots of people shopping there on saturday. I think that people were searching for christmas presents. usually, there is a christmas season opening at the end of november.

another Nathan Greno, Byron Howard  movie! we watched Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale in 3D.  I love everything about this movie from its poster, the casts and etc. so, come to cinema and watch this movie. okey, seems like my words are not supporting the local films, but frankly speaking, plot bagus, CGI excellent, the casts were really good- a nearly perfect movie. boleh laa..

waktu nak tunggu movie start, tetiba pakcik santa datang...

symptom of greediness + starvation

while waiting....

tetibe ternampak muka suci asyraff muslim. hape agi, ambik..!

and other pictures while we walked around at the mall and acted crazy actions....

at Popular


thanks guys for the popcorns, pepsi plus strawberry drink, and KFC. diorang belanja, baek giler..

weigh. and the results, berat naik 9 kg, tinggi turun 7cm. is that relevant? membazir 20 sen aku...

quite a good time spent on aimless walk around BP Mall, but still, it felt so good to meet them again during the holidays. finally, I went back home, only to have my sister scolding at me like a madwoman. (sbb topup die x masuk2 agi) but it was fun, and I'll be sure to do it again in the coming holidays. =))


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