Monday, December 6, 2010

Paparazzi Class Candid Photo Of Me

attention everybody! drum roll please! Here comes my reply to a blogpost claiming me to be the, "very the masuk bakul angkut sendiri" girl. haha! =P sorry if I personally claims to be quite the hot girl I shouldn't be, but if some other people really told me that I'm hot, ape nak buat kan?? HAHAHAHAHA, poyo je. Just kidding.. =P jgn marah..(^^,)V

actually, in my opinion, everybody looks hot in their own way no matter how we want to describe it. to me, even Kelly Osbourne looks hot! okay, that sounds so lesbian.. but you get the picture right? but what I'm gonna talk about here is neither about Hot And Cold nor about Hot Or Cold. it is all about the figure of me, how do I look alike when I did'nt realize that there was someone who take candid photographs on me. 

delighted face. seems like this photo was taken by an obsessed Aina's fan? 

as a matter not sure. the paparazzi wants to manifest that I'm a busiest member of DIA A. busiest fix to = HARD-WORKING which means  BRILLIANT + DILIGENT  ;D

bored-to-death-face . hmm... I remember that this picture was taken while waiting for Mister.. owh.. I don't remember his name..sorry.  for sure, that 'Mister' will teach me Microeconomics or Introduction to Statistics something like that for the next semester.

a-good-listener-face . well, not much that I wanna talk about. see that little girl up there with her pinky-shawl? can you see her? yes? good. judge her by yourself. diligently, that girl listening to Fyza's speech, whose standing besides her, till her eyes closed slowly. I am = the churlish one ;D

dozy face. nah! in the class.. it's a normal situation. same goes to you too sometimes right? I remember this picture was taken at account's class. 

'mencapub's face . or better known as 'mencari publisiti'. 

tutor-face. ngee~ this picture was taken when I was teaching Amy about business math after she think-to-death to solve several questions. hmm..frankly speaking..someone said I do look alike a lecturer. do I?

that's all folks. okey, I'm tired...