Friday, November 19, 2010

end of first semester

in a blink of an eye well literally at least my half years at ktyaga is finished already. some may say ending first semester as something to look forward to me myself included occasionally for next semester soon. but while spending a few hours by myself a couple of days ago, I kept thinking to myself how much I'm going to miss it being, living, eating, breathing, laughing, fooling around, etc etc etc there.

why you may ask? well for some of you Batu Pahat, Yong Peng, Klang, or Petaling Jaya is probably the place where you grew up. would you feel sad to move away from these areas? sure you do. the same goes to me. but A'Famosa Malacca is the place where I have to further my study for three years. it has literally shape the person that I am today. it has taught me a lot be it from how to cook my own self, how to solve math problems, making my own future to how to get along with different kind of people and how to survive myself to manage budget for groceries.  

so the precious moments that I really miss :-
  • waking up everyday looking at the same old faces especially Kak Awe, she always wake me up
  • staying up late laughing with Eton
  • annoying Miera while she tries to study
  • goofing off with Payin and Amy in class
  • teaming up with Teeya in kacau-ing Syue
  • bahan-ing Amy with Abey and Miera with King Nurfaiz.
  • the awesome feeling during cheering especially when singing ''maafkan kami- Anak Dara Lapok"
  • waking up in the dark eating Jannah's kerepek without actually seeing the food.
  • eating 'aiskrim malaysia' made in Timm's house.
  • miss Tampin the sworn town with all i'ts cheap food.
  • DIA group A atmosphere. full with happiness.
  • and the list goes on and on and on.

so to does smart people out there I once again call upon you to help me build a time machine!


  1. aina..miss u..
    i'll annouce smthng that will attack ur heart..
    juz wait next sem..

  2. bout what??
    king? detective o buanjing??
    attooii..always make me curious..
    btw..miss u too laah!!!