Thursday, November 18, 2010

first post

now I already own my own blog via Ahmad Rafique's email address. sharing is loving ♥. alright, I will update a few things here.

1. currently I am a maid at my own house with salary rm 250 a month until I start my second semester. my mom indeed don't want me to find job at the outside. so I think her daughter could'nt gain any experience be on duty with others than her even be a "tukang cabut rumput" at my neighbor's houses. 

2. there was one time when I got a message from Saiful Azzam saying that his friend at Petrosains called me as Marshanda. Yes, Marshanda who was a star in the 'Solehah' and 'Madina&Aqso' . ha ha !! I was shocked and surprised actually but tried to be nice to Saiful's friend (Anis Amirah) by saying, "eh, takde lah. dye lagi chumel kot" ..wekk!! actually I'm a bit proud..ehem..ehem..termalu di situ yah!

the “phenomena” started to spread among Saiful, Anis and Kak Leha when I came to KL during the last Hari Raya Korban. well, Kak Leha being the curious one immediately browsed the picture of Marshanda and marked the history as a first person to conclude that I was Marshanda. I guess that there are few testimonials (actually ada tiga jer) that can verify the validity of Anis's statement.

1. according to Kak Leha, I have SHARP features on my face which make me looks like Marshanda. sharp features.I repeat, sharp features.
2. Marshanda's nose. it's look like me...nah!
3. lastly, based on the judgements made by Anis at Petrosains. she expect me and her good with our assessments on people.( Haha, a very weak reason)

no offence yea. I wonder with whom I look alike. (I assume my look is similar to Fara Fauzana, but nobody say so ;D) and don’t feel surprise if you see I'm on the big screen featuring a movie. haha, if I could not be Marshanda, Nia Ramadhani will be fine with me.

Me or Marshanda??
Marshanda or Me??

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