Thursday, November 18, 2010

A picture worth a thousand memories..

back in my room, I ran through my brother's dusty shelves (I can't find any reason why he's too stubborn to clean it up though), and I was quite surprised to have stumbled upon some pieces of what seems to be old and antique to me.

here's one of them, and please don't laugh..

yup, that's me and my mother, and I look so cute.. =P
I'm the fourth from left, sitting and smiling with nagging face.................

this picture reminds me of the good old times my best friend, Norshuhaidah Jaafar, (sitting beside me, wearing red kurung) and I had together before she turned to the other side of herself =(. believe me, take a glimpse back and you'll find yourself smiling alone having those thoughts of the old sweet memories you'd wish to relive again.

Errr, I wished my daughter won't look like that in the future, the smaller me looked so ugly, I should have done some plastic surgery. right? laugh all you want, and I'll get my revenge.

ugly or cute?
tell me..