Thursday, November 18, 2010

what I mean by October's Tragedy


1st OCTOBER 2010

"Surprise surprise! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to Aina! Happy Birthday to You!I love you!" if I'm home at that time, assuredly my family will sing me birthday song with a huge cake at my mom's hand and we all together riding car and  taking a late night stroll at BP.

there's many things haunts my mind, depressed, miserable, downhearted on my birthday, 1st OCT. firstly, I'm not at home and could'nt celebrate with my family. secondly, my house was invaded and almost imposed summons. the day that should be my sweet dreams totally turns into a nightmare. there were two things predominant that I want to highlights at.

The Case....Invaded By Wardens

as my birthday, my housemates were made surprise celebration. I stepped inside my house and was so tired after two hours of deal with that playboy's case. there is one more surprise after I was been cheating by that bullshit. I was so blurred and i thought the next surprise will be tomorrow or the other day since they know I'm not in a good mood. not on the same day obviously. but i was wrong. they grimed me flour that mixed with turmeric and splashed water on me. i was totally like 'cekodok' but I was so touched. we're laughed and screamed like crazy and suddenly somebody knock our door. using reflection as immature as kindergarten we ignored and hided over the blankets. till finally, our door was broken cause it was kicked gluttonously.    

Teeya with the broken door

friends...I really love you..

happy ending............................maybe

-the end-

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