Thursday, November 18, 2010

when I was an "Anak Dara Lapok" crew

this is what we called as the face of "Anak Dara Lapok"

the story started when Miera was confined at the balcony. for me, serves her right. it's quite funny I guess.  she looked for her Encik Abrar quite long until Syue and Teeya decided to lock her up until Maghrib. actually it's not untill Maghrib, Miera did'nt noticed that the sliding door was not lock anymore. I don't give a slightest shit at all, but Miera punished me as one of the criminal. pitty me. she take us as an annoyance and its visible by the look on her face. grrrr.... only God knows how much I afraid at that time. she called Raja Nurfaiz, Detective Epul and her family and wrote at her facebook's status "ku sangka panas sampai ke petang, rupanya hujan di tengahari". Raje blamed me, Detective Epul blamed Syu and Ekin blamed Teeya. finally we made a splendid video to receive whole-hearted forgiveness from Miera.

behind the scene of Anak Dara Lapok
hmm...waiting for the make-up artist

actress: from left: Syue, Teeya, Aina

alhamdulillah, everything went well (^_^). i could smile again because of this "Anak Dara Lapok" 's video. Miera was'nt flare up anymore.

actress: Ainatul Mardhiah Roslan, Athirah Yusof, Syuhaidah Mustapha Kama Shah
back-up singer: Nurul Amelia Mohaini, Norhafizah Aminuddin
sound setting: Norhafizah Aminuddin
subtitles: Nurul Amelia Mohaini

Fyza: testing mouth vibration to produce the best pitching

Amy: creating us the bestest subtitles
Miera: victim