Friday, November 19, 2010

when boredom strikes me hard...

I remember there was a certain point in my life, when I wanted to scream at the papers that I needed to do for plentiful assignments. I recognized that I was bored but the feelings of boredom were becoming chronic, so to speak. It was then I discovered that underneath the boredom was the feeling of restlessness. I didn’t like doing assignments much and I hate waiting for people especially mealtime that I have to wait, wait and wait at the dining table waiting others while just clap eyes on the meal. I've had a go at a few pictures on me what my face look alike when I get so bored. and what circumstance that make me boring. and...and..what have I do to solve it.

1. when I have to wait someone primp themselves

looking for a cure for boredom..and what I do is...

disturbing others: "hey, is'nt my lipgloss still shiny?"

2. when someone seized my position in front of camera and look cuter than me

and this is the way I do......

caught on camera simultaneously. fair and square. fair and lovely.

3. when Ustaz Jeffry or other wardens make a meeting with students at Parameswara's hall

who cares with it. I'll not miss the politics going around ktyaga with problems of the students that I not take on. do whatever they you want. so..

I sleep.....(-_-)zzzZZZZZZZzzzzzz

4.when I get stress on study

 are you feeling this way right now? if you are, let's follow what I do. do it with your friends. that would be more effective. hundred percents warranty.

tadaa! our own promp night..

I start to do these silly actions..

am I look crazy? it's okay, just say what all you want to. if you ask me which way of dying I would prefer to choose, I'd rather have myself being cut to pieces, beheaded, hanged to death, electrocuted or many other horrible ways indescribable than being dead on a boredom circumstance. (you know I don't really mean it.. :P) don't worry I still doing the same routine, mundane things differently and it will zest up my life.

I'm freaking bored right now, and the cure for boredom lies within

I make a new post about boredom and how to handle it..

  keep allowing the beauty in you to shine. =) 
selamat beramal 


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